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Food Truck!

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Delivering "Turn-Key" Food Truck Events

Featuring our Custom Designed "3-in-1" and "2-in-1" Food Trucks

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Challenges in the Food Truck Industry:

1. All Food Trucks are one-hit wonders --- either the pizza truck, the hamburger truck, the taco truck, because they all operate with just "1 Window". 1 Window completely slows down your ability to serve guests in a timely manner, which is a huge complaint against the Food Trucks.

2. We find that when it comes to corporate events and weddings, our clients want to offer a variety of food options, without the expense of a second or third Food Truck and that's simply impossible with a Food Truck with 1 Window.

Solution: My Food Truck Event is a custom built 3 in 1 Food Truck...What does that mean?

3 Points of Service!
Food Variety!

We use "Three" because we have 3 large windows, each one has a supporting kitchen. This allows us to offer a variety of Food options but maybe even more important, allows us to have 3 points of service. This is a huge draw back for most trucks. Their single window concept limits there ability to kick out food in a timely manner. Most Trucks have a line for your guest to order their food and another line to wait for your food. Are you kidding me? With our process we are able to kick out 400 meals an hour with a full staff. As fast as your guest are ordering, we are putting together their order based on their likes and taste.

Meals Per Hour!

My Event Food Truck because of our unique "3 Window Concept" means you don't have the added expense to bring on additional Food Trucks because they all want their minimums. We are the only Food Truck in the Metro Detroit Area that offers a variety from 1 Food Truck.

What types of food can be in the 3 windows:

We offer our "Killer Gourmet Taco's of the 1st Window - Our "Real-deal" Smoked Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork and Mac & Cheese out of our 2nd Window and either Gyro's or Specialty Dogs out of the 3rd window. ****Plus we also have Veggie, Gluten Free, & Vegan Options as well. What food

Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 11.56.15 PM.png
Killer Gourmet Tacos.jpg

What else can you expect from us:

A Funfilled Food Truck Experiece from the get go. We kick start your party as soon as we pull up. We have a stage in the back of the Food Truck that houses our "Tricked out Vintage Refrigerator" which is really a smoker. We light that baby up to get that smell in the air...we open those 3 windows and steam starts coming out. Those 3 large windows allows your guests to see inside and be apart of the Food Truck Experience.

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